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IP PUDI BLOCK-B (UDL) - Details of Vacant Industrial Properties
Sl.No IP Name Plot/Shed No. Structure Type Area(Sq.M) Area(Acrs) Updation Date Status Remarks
1 IP PUDI BLOCK-B Land1 PLOT 5100 01.26 05-MAY-16 Vacant but Unallottable Reserved for APIIC Office purpose as per G.O.MS.No.21 of Industries & Commerce Dept., AP.
2 IP PUDI BLOCK-B Land2 PLOT 121410 30.00 05-FEB-18 Vacant but Unallottable As this area is falling in Eco-Sensitive Zone of Pulicat Bird Sanctuary. Hence this area kept under unallotable category.
3 IP PUDI BLOCK-B Land3 PLOT 71268 17.61 21-OCT-21 Vacant but Unallottable Sri N.K.V.Krishna has filed a WP No.22801/2014 & 16462/2015against allotment to 3rd party.The Area falls under Eco Sensitive Zone.
197778 48.87

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