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APIIC_CHINAGADILI_HC - Details of Vacant Industrial Properties
Sl.No IP Name Plot/Shed No. Structure Type Area(Sq.M) Area(Acrs) Updation Date Status Remarks
1 HCVSP PLOT NO.4A PLOT 2198 00.54 27-JUL-22 Vacant but Unallottable Plot Allotted and submitted to Government for approval/ratification
2 HCVSP PLOT NO.6A PLOT 1114 00.28 25-MAY-22 Vacant for Commercial activities only
3 HCVSP PLOT NO.7 PLOT 3098 00.77 27-JUL-22 Vacant but Unallottable Reserved for STP(Sewage Treatment Plant)".
6410 01.58

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